Greek Lebanese Cultural Union

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The GLCU was founded in Athens in year 1986 and has been registered as a non-governmental foundation (Article number 02-12-1986/4472 in the preliminary Greek court). It is worth noting that the late artist ‘Melina Merkouri’ and as the minister of culture then, was the one who signed the GLCU establishment decree. In addition, the GLCU has developed over the years, good relations with both the Greek and the Lebanese societies.
The current GLCU board of directors is formed of 11 elected members, and its financial resources mainly come from the members’ yearly registration fee and donations. Any Greek or Lebanese citizen is entitled to become a member of the GLCU and the only criteria affiliated to that are good behavior and being active in rendering services that will help the GLCU fulfill its mission.

The mission of the GLCU can be summarized in the following:
 - Enforce, consolidate and develop the friendship, cultural, social, educational, touristic and athletic relations between members of the GLCU and between Greece and Lebanon.
 - Shed light on the Greek and Lebanese cultures and traditions.
 - The GLCU mission does not serve any political, religious or racist goal.

 The GLCU is mainly active in Greece and activities of the GLCU have all been successful due to the solidarity of its board of directors and the support of all its members. The GLCU’s devotion to the cultural slogan in being of service to the society and in exposing all positive aspects while disregarding all that is negative has resulted in achieving the goals of the GLCU.

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